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Community over Politics 

Father and Husband
Volunteer with Osceola County Special Olympics
Youth Coach
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Take Part in Change

Putting My Experience to Work

Hello, Osceola County Residents! My name is Wilfredo “Will” Fonseca. Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me. 


I have called Osceola County my home for the past 20 years. I am a family man, a coach, and also a man who is willing to get things done in the community for the benefit of all. I believe in community over politics, and I am simply running to give the community a fresh new option. Someone who is ready to get to work not just for you, but with you. 


As an Osceola County resident who has been around to see the immense growth the county has made, I realize that there are still many changes that could be made with a fresh look. After conducting endless hours of research and interviews in the community, I realized that I needed to take the advice I give my youth, and that is to “take action!” I am learning every day that I need to be the change I wish to see in this county. As a community coach and leader, I am ready to make a difference on a larger scale. 


I am running for Property Appraiser, because that will allow me to work with the community and other community leaders, who together have the power to create a greater difference. I want to represent all the residents by helping all of the county’s residence, realtors, and homeowners. As Property Appraiser, I want to focus on things like updating the current website to mirror or be better than some of the counties around us. It’s 2020, we need to keep up with the times and our residents. I want to be transparent with the budget making it easier for the community to find answers, as well as, educate the community on savings. This is just the surface. There are so many things I am excited to work on together. 


I want to be the candidate on the ballot that works for the community. 


Let’s work on:

  • Updating the county website with detailed information that will benefit first time home buyers, realtors, homeowners, and home investors. 

  • Being transparent with the community by allowing detailed reports to be more assessable. 

  • Educating the community on incentive programs to help homeowners save money on taxes. 

  • Bring the Property Appraisers office into the community. Let’s put a familiar face to the title Property Appraiser.


I welcome you to reach out, let’s talk! I want to hear what our residents have to say. 

 Please VOTE! Elect Will Fonseca on November 3rd 2020.



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